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29 May, 2009: online decompiling service's opened
30 April, 2009: jclazz 1.2.2 Release is available
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jclazz 1.2.2
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jclazz 1.2.2 Release

Release date: 30 April, 2009

This is the release of jclazz 1.2.2 version. It includes Java Bytecode Viewer InfoJ, Java Decompiler and jclazz-GUI.
Downloads are available at sourceforge download page.

Supported Java versions: 1.4 - 1.6.
Decompiler is tested on classes compiled with javac compiler.
  • wide opcode supports only iinc opcode
  • Annotations are not supported
Changes made in this release are:
  • Save of decompiled file writes to predefined file name - Fixed
  • Condition structures "condition ? operation1 : operation2" were decompiled incorrectly - Fixed
  • URL to bug reporting page is corrected

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